Techsafe ECO-2 Dickie Seat – Toyota Forerunner

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More kids than seats? Techsafe’s range of children’s dickie seats may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. This Techsafe dickie seat has been engineered to suit your Toyota RAV4 and is fully ADR compliant.

Are they only suitable for children?

This in not an adult seat. This seat has been engineered and approved as a Category 2 seat, suitable for a maximum weight of 38kg and a seated height no greater than 780 (approximately 12 years old). This means it is illegal for individuals over this size and weight to use the seat.

Do they require an engineers certificate in Victoria?

We are a Melbourne based installer, so the following information may not apply to other states. In Victoria category 2 and 3 children’s car seats do have to be engineered and ADR compliant. However this is done during the design and development and manufacturing stages. Provided the designs have been approved by a qualified engineer, the seat manufactured strictly to those design and installed according to the approved fitting instructions a engineers inspection is not required after the installation. In other words you don’t have to pay extra for an engineers certificate. Additionally the seating capacity of the vehicle as stated in it’s registration does not change, so the vehicles registration details do not have to be updated. This information does not apply to adult seats.

How comfortable are they?

The base and back rest are well padded and whilst it’s a bit hard for me to sit on one I describe them as fairly soft rather than firm. The seats are made in Queensland and this is reflected in their quality and comfort. I do suggest getting the head rests if the seats being used often. The head rest comes standard on the TAKE models and as an optional extra on the ECO models, just call for a price.

All the seats have the same photo, do they all look the same?

The seats base and back rest remains more or less the same on each vehicle. The mounts change from vehicle to vehicle according to fitment and also space requirements.

The fabric is Charcoal.

Do they fold?

Yes, the back rest folds onto the base and base unclips at the back and can be rolled forward. The folded seat sits hard up against the row in front, so the end result is quite compact. People often ask how much room will be left in the boot space. It’s a bit hard to measure and guess the overall volume, after all we’re not measuring perfect geometric shapes, ie. it’s not box. To avoid controversy Techsafe don’t give exact specs, but we’re more than happy to give a close indication, although sometimes it’s easier to do this if you come past with the vehicle for us to look at and measure.

Are they removable?

They are not designed to be taken in and out of the vehicle on a regular basis. One reason is to ensure compliance with regard to correct installation. Also the front hinges of the seat are held by nyloc nuts. These are special lock nuts that have a nylon grommet to prevent them from unwinding. Removing and refitting the nut can wear the nylon grommet, so that it can no longer be guaranteed that the nut will function as designed. This might seem a little pedantic, but the bottom line is the seat can be removed, but it’s recommend that any re-installation be carried out by a qualified installer.

Do you fit them as well?

We sure do. All Vehicle Accessories is an approved Techsafe seat installer with over 30 years of experience retrofitting seats to cars and vans. Click the Locations tab at the top of this page for more details on where to find us.