ECB Big Tube Alloy Bullbar – Toyota Prado 150 (11/2013 – 10/2017)

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ECB Bullbars are manufactured with one simple goal in mind, to make the worlds strongest alloy bullbar.

What Makes ECB Bullbars So Much Better?

ECB aren’t the only alloy bullbar manufacturer, so what makes them so much better? The simple fact is that most manufacturers use lighter gauge alloy that is more malleable. They do this so the bullbars can simply be pressed into shape like a big coin press. This practice is common with genuine bullbars where looks and appearance are put above functionality. They may look more space aged, but these types of bars aren’t going to do much to stop a kangaroo.

What Does ECB Do Differently?

To make the world strongest alloy bullbar ECB select the highest tensile alloy possible for the application. 6mm alloy is used for the center channel, 4.75mm for the centre tube and 4mm for the outer tube. The center channel is cut and folded into shape. This process has to be done will the alloy is relatively new, The high tensile alloy used in ECB bullbars becomes denser and stronger overtime and can become almost impossible to bend.

Aren’t Steel Bullbars Stronger?

There’s a few obvious variables involved, as previously mentioned the grade and gauge of the material can differ greatly. In the bottom end of the market (think “cheaper”) steel is often a safer option. But for the best strength to weight ratio alloy wins hands down. It is generally a more expensive material, but when high quality alloy is used a strength compatible with top of the range steel bars can be achieved at close to half the weight. We generally recommend ECB alloy bullbars as the best option for new vehicles and smaller SUV’s. In many cases a steel bullbar would be far too heavy, or require a costly suspension upgrade.

What Does An ECB Alloy Bullbar Weigh?

It differs a little bit from vehicle to vehicle, but most come in around 40kg, and are generally close to half the weight of comparable steel bullbars.

Will You Fit It For Me?

All Vehicle Accessories have been fitting alloy bullbars in Melbourne for over 30 years. We have two great fitting centre’s in Port Melbourne and Campbellfield. Call us or send an enquiry for more information.

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