Trade Roof Racks Best Prices In Melbourne
If you are a tradie & load things to the outside of your vehicle, you really have to be careful and that starts at the installation of the weight bearers your roof racks!

Once you have chosen a suitable set of load bearers or roof racks for your load and work vehicle weight requirements, you may choose to have your roof racks installed in store at anyone of our convenient locations, or we can come to you depending on the vehicle or you can DIY.

Our tradie roof racks are made to suit a variety of vans, 4wd, canopies and utes and come in Steel and Alloy. We have found that our roof racks are the most popular choice for tradesman wanting to carry ladders too!

If your work vehicle has roof rails, you only need one part, the bar itself which will clamp to the roof rails. If you don’t have roof rails, you need two parts, the fitting kit, which attaches the system to the vehicle, and the bar, which then attaches to the fitting kit.

We are one of Australia’s largest roof rack specialists with hundreds of products in stock. There are a wide selection of roof racks available and we can work with you to ensure you select the right option.

Our Tradie Bars are:
Rated to a maximum load of 100 kilos
Available in through bar only
Super heavy duty system
Highly durable

If you are in the market for a roof rack system give us a call on 1300 133 353 or come down to our showroom. We can help you select the best roof rack option & then install if for you!

AVA Team