When buying and installing a towbar for their four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, camper vans or double cabs, Melbourne drivers usually look at things like the weight of the trailer that can be towed or the type of material that the towbar has been made out of. 4×4 enthusiasts rarely stop to think about one of the most important features that a towbar accessory can have, which could mean the difference between life and death – Sway Control.

Sway Control systems, such as the Hayman Reese Friction and Dual Cam Sway Control, help keep a trailer on a straight path when the vehicle is in motion or turning corners. When travelling at high speeds drivers can be faced with strong crosswinds caused by Australian’s changing weather, or even other vehicles passing at high speeds, which can cause swaying.

Other factors that create swaying include a poorly loaded trailer, tyre pressure, vehicle suspension and poor spring-bar tension in the weight distribution system of the towbar and the vehicle.  The role of a Sway Control kit here is to redistribute weight correctly before the vehicle is in motion (which prevents swaying) and to prevent movement in strong winds (which counteracts swaying that is already occurring).

Sway Control kits can be purchased when the towbar is being installed and can also be fitted to existing setups. Be aware that many Sway Control Sytems, including those manufactured by Hayman Reese, must be fitted in conjunction with a Weight Distribution System. Of course, it helps if your towbar is of a good quality in the first place, as this will prevent many of the problems that Sway Control fixes before they even happen.

The Hayman Reese range has become one of most popular choices of towbars in Melbourne, thanks to there 50 year long reputation for outstanding quality and their wide range that includes a towbar for almost all vehicles and 4WDs on the market.

The Hayman Reese range also features a wide array of towbar accessories that include various Sway Control kits.

Picking the right accessory for your vehicle depends on many complex factors and a specialist towbar fitment centre in Melbourne should be consulted for proper advice before you make your decision.

Hayman Resse Friction Sway Controle

Hayman Reese Friction Sway Control

Hayman Reese Dual Cam Sway Control

Hayman Reese Dual Cam Sway Control