You have been towing with your car for decades – but are you doing it correctly?

Sure you’ve read the manual and seen other people do it. But how much do you really know? On the surface, towing seems like a straightforward process that doesn’t need any complicated adjustments. Despite this, incorrect towing methods can have negative implications on your legal and general safety. Vehicle towbars come with their own unique techniques. Make sure you adhere to safety regulations and keep your towing experience carefree by sticking to them.

According to Australia’s National Caravan and Recreational Vehicle Towing guide, you should ask the following questions before towing anything:

  • What is your vehicle’s towing capacity?
  • What type of towbar should your vehicle be fitted with?
  • What is the maximum load capacity of the coupling?
  • What type of trailer are you towing and does it follow regulations?
  • What type of towbar accessories increase the trailer’s stability when towing?
  • Is your trailer correctly loaded?

Answering all these questions may seem overwhelming or completely unnecessary. A failure to pay attention to them however can have disastrous consequences. This can range from the minor (a few bumps and dents) to the major (a loss of life). By making sure you partner with a trusted vehicle accessory provider you can avoid this. You’ll also be able to have your questions answered on the day you buy or fit your towbar or towbar accessories.

At AVA (All Vehicle Accessories) Direct, the safety of our clients comes first. After all, an improperly fitted towbar would only reflect badly on us. It’s why we’ve spent time building a reputation that has spread beyond our towbar services in Melbourne. We have over two decades of experience working with vehicle accessories. In this time, we’ve fitted hundreds of passenger cars, commercial vans, utility vehicles and Four-Wheel drives with towbars. We keep up with the latest advancements in technology and safety regulations so that you don’t have to. So the next time you think of fitting a towbar yourself, avoid the hassle. Remember that expert help from AVA Direct is only a phone call away.