Step 1: Correct identification of the vehicle

The fitting process really begins when you first make that initial enquiry about getting an accessory fitted to your vehicle. The first thing most customers want to know is “how much?”, but the first thing our sales staff will ask is, “what sort of car do you have?” Depending on the number of variations within your cars model range and the number of possible parts, our sales staff may need to be very specific about the make, model, model variation and year of the vehicle; they may even need to know the exact month in which the vehicle was manufactured (you can check out thiseHow article to learn how to identify your cars exact manufacture date). To speed up the process it is very helpful if the customer can gather all their cars details before making the enquiry. Our sales staff will do their best to assist with correct identification, but a helpful attitude from the customer and willingness to volunteer any extra details makes their job much easier.

Remember: Some makes and models come out in “limited”, “special”, or “sports” editions, so if you think your vehicle is in anyway unusual please mention this.

Sports Edition Corolla Wagon

Picture: Sports Edition Corolla Wagon

Step 2: Correct identification of the relevant parts

Part’s identification can at times be a difficult job. Not only do our sales staff need to take care when identifying the vehicle; they must also take care when selecting the parts; again good communication is vital to this process. All of our preferred suppliers provide accurate and detailed information that helps our staff to make the correct choice; however because we try our best to source even unusual and obscure parts for our customers the process can become more time consuming and again we appreciate the customers co-operation.

Remember: We need your help to correctly identify the vehicle so we can recommend the best accessories and give you the best prices.

Did you know: AVA-All Vehicle Accessories has been fitting aftermarket accessories for over 30 years!


AVA – All Vehicle Accessories history can be traced right back to the very first Hayman Reese fitting centre in Melbourne. This picture shows the original building when the company was known as “Towbar City”

This article is part of a 2 part series; watch this space for further information on fitting accessories to your vehicle!