This P3 brake controller unit is by far our most “feature rich” controller – giving you a level of customization like none other. Its technology makes the P3 one of the industries most advanced electric trailer brake controllers currently on the market.

It’s compact, dash-hugging design requires space in the cabin, usually under the dash, and its up-front controls give you easy access to all of its features.

The P3 also has Inertia Sensing (proportional) technology – for smoother, safer and more precise braking. What this means in practise is that the harder you press the brake pedal the harder the brakes in the caravan come on – press the pedal gently and the trailer brakes will respond gently; press the brakes hard and the trailer brakes will come on hard. This provides a considerable advantage in safety for larger trailers and caravans.

Suitable for up to 4 axles, this brake controller allows for 5 stored settings – so if you tow different types of trailers or another driver has different towing and braking preferences these settings can be stored and retrieved when required – for example, your “home” trailer is 2-axles, but your work trailer is 4-axles. Each of these will tow differently, and with this option you can choose to store these settings for future use. When you hook-up simply select which trailer you’ve hooked up and you’re good to go!

You can also select Electric over Hydraulic, or Electric trailer brake mode, depending on which type the trailer is fitted with.

All these settings and features are easily found and read with the LCD screen (it also offers diagnostic read outs, and has language selections of English, French and Spanish), and the screen comes with multiple colour options. The diagnostics on screen show the driver output current, battery, brake, and output voltage. In the event of No Trailer Brakes, a red warning system engages and alerts the driver to the situation.

The P3 also comes with an integrated Plug-N-Play port, for 2-plug adapters and an Original Boost feature – the Original Boost offers the driver different levels of customized braking.

This unit is exceptionally user-friendly, and when not being used the snap-in mounting clip allows for you to remove and store the control.

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