The Tow-Pro electric trailer brake controller is designed to be compatible with most common trailer braking applications, and unlike other brake controllers requires minimal dash space for mounting.The main unit is fitted behind the dash with the controls mounted to an appropriate flat surface within arm’s reach – and using the controller is simple. Whilst the installation is relatively straightforward certain aspects can be tricky, for this reason we advise that the installation be done by an experienced fitter who can select the best part of the dashboard in which to install the control dial and so that the end result is neat and tidy – you don’t want to end up drilling a dozen holes in your dash looking for the right spot.

Its comprehensive features include Automatic or User Controlled braking modes (these modes can be selected with ease using the dash mounted control knob), giving you the flexibility to choose the braking style depending on your vehicle type, road conditions and driver preference. The Automatic mode (Inertia sensing) more suited to highway conditions means the trailer brakes are applied at a proportional level, while the User Control Mode, suited for off-road, means the brakes are applied to the level desired and set by the user.

One of the many benefits of this controller is its Inertia Sensing (proportional) technology; we discussed the effect this technology has in our previous blog post, but in case you missed it the important point to take away was, when you press the pedal gently the trailer brakes will respond gently; press the brakes hard and the trailer brakes will come on hard. This provides a considerable advantage in safety for larger trailers and caravans. This technology delivers smoother, faster and more precise braking when you need it most – In the Tow-Pro this technology in achieved through the use of a 3-Axis accelerometer similar to the ones used in Iphone’s!

The Tow-Pro brake controller can switch between automatic and manual control modes, and is suitable for both electric brakes and electric/hydraulic systems – it pays to check with a professional before purchase, as it may not be suitable for electric/hydraulic systems that require their own specific controller.

The Tow-Pro operates withboth 12 and 24 volt systems – however they are only suitable for up to 3 axles in 12 volt systems and 2 axles in 24 volt systems. It has an acceptable voltage input range of between 9V and 32V.

When installed correctly this system is also ADR compliant.

Our friendly staff are always ready to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries regarding this product!