The Reese Light Class 3 Towbar is just another one of Hayman Reese’ superbly manufactured towbars. Tried and tested Australia-wide by drivers just like you, Hayman Reese towbars have been there, done that and come through unscathed.

The complete range of quality towbars delivered to you by Hayman Reese gives you the confidence and flexibility to take your life on the road – their reliability is apparent in the number of drivers choosing to tow with Hayman Reese.

Class 3The Reese Light Class 3 tow bar comes with a 40mm by 40mm hitch box, making it a more suitable choice for those towing light to medium loads. It comes with an easy to remove square tongue, and has all the benefits and features of the Classic Heavy Duty Towbar at a cheaper cost, and with minimally reduced towing capacity.

The team at AVA Direct knows the importance of having the right towbar fitted to your vehicle – don’t become one of the many motorists who have found out the hard way just what the wrong fit can do. Not only can the wrong product result in serious safety concerns, it can increase the speed at which your tyres wear and can increase fuel usage when towing.As most of us know, cheaper isn’t always best – and when it comes to attaching anything to your vehicle it is well worth spending the right amount of time and money on the right product. To find out which Hayman Reese towbar is best suited to your vehicle and towing needs, speak to one of our experienced technicians today.

With such a great range manufactured to the highest standards and a first choice for many drivers, it’s easy to see how Hayman Reese has become Australia’s leading company for all your towing solutions.