For as long as there have been motor vehicles, there has been a need to tow stuff behind them. So whether it’s a trailer of tools, a campervan or the kid’s dirt bikes – you can tow with confidence with your quality Hayman Reese towbar.

Hayman Reese has been supplying Australia with leading towing solutions for over 50 years, bringing you sound, quality products you can rely on – and the new series of towbars is no exception, bound to delight all towing enthusiasts. From the Standard Class 2 and Intermediate Class 3, to the Heavy Duty Class 4, there’s a Hayman Reese towbar for everyone.

When it comes time to hit the road, you can do so knowing your Hayman Reese towbar is designed with reliability and durability in mind, while complying with relevant Australian Design Rules and Standards.

Motorists across Australia are raving about their Hayman Reese Towbar, many of them finding these towbars to also have a much nicer look compared to other models. With this in mind, we have prepared a 3 part series of articles, looking at the current Hayman Reece towbars.

The Standard 2 Class Towbar

Vehicle TowbarsNot only does the Standard Class 2 Towbar come at a lower cost, the simple installation and removable tongue via two bolts at the base, makes this towbar ideal for lighter towing needs. Suited to most 4WD’s, Ute and Cab Chassis models you’ll find these towbars suitable for light duty towing!

This particular product may not be suitable for some larger vehicles and 4WD’s, so be sure to check with our expert team to ensure you get the right towbar for you and your vehicle.

All our Hayman Reese Towbars are covered by the Hayman Reese Lifetime Warranty, and come with a compliance plate which states the model and tested load ratings.