The Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser

Are you lucky enough to own a Toyota Landcruiser. Wow, what a 4WD! Undoubtedly the toughest 4WD in Australia, it has become the 4WD that represents the Australian outback.

If you own a Landcruiser, at AVA-Direct we are guessing you intend using it for a little more than just driving to work, or dropping the kids off at school. If that is the case, we have the total range of accessories you need to enjoy your Landcruiser and the outback world it opens up for you.

Landcruiser 4×4 Accessories

If you intend taking your Landcruiser outback, we have a range of products that will make your adventures more enjoyable. We have the full range of 4WD Recovery gear products, useful to help you out of some of those tight spots we get into; and also the following accessories:

  • Roofracks and rooftop boxes for storage
  • Towbars for towing campers, trailers and caravans
  • All the towbar accessories you need
  • Bullbars and nudgebars for frontal protection
  • Snorkals
  • Driving lights for late night country driving

Drop in and see how we can make your next adventure a little ore fun before you go.

Landcruiser Trade Accessories

If you use your Landcruiser for your trade or business, we also stock accessories to help with your business. These include:

  • Tradesman Roofracks
  • Cargo Barriers for safety when carrying tools out the back
  • Towbars and accessories to tow your work trailer

Landcruiser Family and Other Accessories

If you have purchased your Landcruiser more for family use, we would love to look after you and your family also. Some of the accessories which you may find useful include:

  • Additional child seats, safely installed to government specifications
  • Canvas seat covers
  • Side steps
  • Rooftop boxes for family holidays
  • Bike carriers, racks and beaks
  • Ski and Snowboard carriers
  • Snow chains

So you see, we can help custom your Toyota Landcruiser to 100% suit your lifestyle. Give us a call on 1300 133 353 and discuss your requirements with one of our courteous technicians.