Aerklas have designed 2different types of hard covers to suit your needs, with 2 different styles in the electronic full lift up lids, a manual full lift up lid, and a rear tilt lid. The Transformer (left) is an electric lift up hard cover which opens at both ends to give more access to tub area. This sporty design hard top is able to lift up to a horizontal level which is level to the roof with 2 lock positions. Strong and secure lock you can lock away your tools or belonging without having to worry. 100% weatherproof with with rubber seal to protect your property from the weather. Colour coded to match your vehicle. With no drilling in your vehicles body. Trialed and tested this hard cover is able to withstand driving with the cover up at 120kph. This hard lid comes in another style called Aviator, the Aviator is available in 2 textures: Leather Grain and Colour coded to suit your vehicle.

The Manual rear lift hard top called Speed is engineered from the same material used in aerospace industry. With strong shock absorbers to lift up and hold into place, the hard lid is able to lift up to 60cm. Once installed the Speed hard top is easy to remove and install back on the vehicle if needs to be taken off. Lockable lid with rubber seal to keep all your belongings dry and secure. Colour coded to suit your Vehicle. Low profile , aero-dynamic design is light weight which is a fuel saver.