Aeroklas are the first company in the world who have designed there canopies with double shell for that extra re-inforcement. The inner and outer shell is made from 3 kinds of polymer of monomer’s reactions: Acrylonitrile Butadiene and Styrene also known as ABS. In general, Plastic is hard but fragile, ABS has a good balance of properties. Aeroklas is widely used in Automotive Industries and Aircraft Industries. Its inner and outer shells provide an extremely light weight free of metal frame which is prone to rust. Light weight, solid, strong and rust free throughout its lifetime and is able to be reshaped after impact. No sharp edges on significant impact or cracks. Aeroklas canopies have been thoroughly tested, 100% water resistance, 250kg drop & pendulum impact-shells remain in tact, structure provided for roof racks, rust resistant for the product lifetime and road tested after installation.

Areoklas Canopies come in 3 different styles, Stylish, Commercial and sports with your choice of  lift up or sliding windows, rear view mirror, roof rails interior defrosters LED doom light, LED brake light, Handle locks.