If you are looking for accessories for your Volkswagen, we have a full complement to suit every model. Just give us a call on 1300 133 353. We’ve made a list of the most common accessories, such as roof racks and floor mats, you might want to consider for your vehicle.

There are many accessories available for Volkswagen owner’s to purchase for their beloved vehicle. Roof racks are great for transporting surplus luggage, sporting gear and other bulky objects when interior space is limited. Racks that hold up to four bikes can also be attached to the roof, or fitted to the rear of the vehicle.

Another common accessory for Volkswagens is car covers. Car covers are waterproof, and help shield your vehicle’s paintwork from damage.

If you need extra space for luggage on long trips, for example, roof boxes or pods can help. Sleek roof pods and boxes are contoured to hug your Volkswagen’s roof, and are available from All Vehicle Accessories in a variety of dimensions and capacities. Their tight fit protects your belongings from dust and moisture, and central locking makes sure your items are held securely.

If you would like to keep the interior of your Volkswagen pristine, consider seat covers and floor mats. Mats are available in a combination of carpet and rubber, or in heavy-duty rubber. Seat covers are available for the front and rear seat, in standard cloth or heavy-duty canvas.

There are numerous other extras and additions available at All Vehicle Accessories, so phone us on 1300 133 353 if you are searching for a specific Volkswagen accessory.


4WDS and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

If you are after any accessories or extras for your Volkswagen vehicle, here is a quick look at some of the more common additions owners may look for. For more information, give us a call on 1300 133 353.
Roof racks are ideal for any trip where you might be taking excess luggage or bulky equipment with you. All Vehicle Accessories has a number of roof racks to fit your Volkswagen, so you won’t have to leave anything behind on your next holiday.

We also have a selection of roof pods and boxes that are perfectly designed to hug your Volkswagen’s roof. Our pods and boxes are easy to install, can withstand all weather conditions, and come with a central locking system to keep all belongings safe and secure.

Installing a bullbar is a great way to protect your Volkswagen from damage. All Vehicle Accessories stocks a wide range of bull bars that are compatible with low mount electric winches. These have mounts that can accommodate UHF aerials and driving lights. We have a selection of steel and allow finishes to suit your needs.

All Vehicle Accessories also has a range of tow bars to suit all your towing needs. We have standard tow bars for lighter loads, as well as heavy-duty high tow bars for maximum towing capacity.

If you do use your Volkswagen for towing, talk to All Vehicle Accessories about installing a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution system. If the ball weight, or the weight on the tow bar, exceeds the maximum limit, you can run into problems like trailer swaying, loss of traction, and less responsive steering and braking. The Hayman Reese Weight Distribution system is designed to fix these issues by distributing the weight of the load evenly through the chassis to the wheels, while the ball weight remains the same.

All Vehicle Accessories has a large range of brake controllers available if your caravan, boat or trailer is equipped with electric brakes. In addition, if you have a fridge or freezer in your caravan, we have a number of accessories to ensure it is powered efficiently.

For those who want extra assistance getting in and out of their cars, then side steps are a great option. They can also protect the lower body of the vehicle against bitumen, mud and stone chip, as well as general grit from the road surface.

For additional information on other Volkswagen accessories and attachments, why not telephone us on
1300 133 353.

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