Roof boxes are a perfect way to carry excess gear, and we have a range of roof boxes and roof pods for your Daewoo. Whether you’re going on a family holiday, a camping trip or a snowboarding adventure, then roof boxes are the ideal way to give you a bit more space in your car. They can be lifesavers if you have children, and don’t know how you could possibly fit your entire luggage into your Daewoo. Roof boxes are an obvious and easy solution to this dilemma. Not only are they user-friendly and designed to store plenty of gear, they are sleek and attractive. You don’t have to worry about losing or damaging your equipment, because roof boxes are weather proof, and have a central locking system.

We also have a good range of ski and snowboard carriers, whether you need to transport a board or six pairs of skis. They are easy to use and are built to endure harsh weather conditions.

The snow can make driving a challenge, but not with the top-quality snow chains that we sell. Whatever your Daewoo’s tire size, we have snow chains to fit. Our snow chains provide an excellent grip on snow and ice, and make it easy to handle your Daewoo in otherwise tricky conditions.

If you’re after a tow bar, then we’ve also got you covered. Whether you have light towing requirements, or plan to carry heavy loads, we have tow bars to suit any towing job. Even if you don’t plan to tow anything in the foreseeable future, tow bars are a great way to protect the rear of your Daewoo.

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