Functionality and visual appeal come together at All Vehicle Accessories. We offer a range of products that make driving and taking care of your Citroen easier, and they also look good.

Consider all the heavy, cumbersome items that would be impossible to fit in the car, and imagine how much easier it would be to simply mount these items on roof racks that allow you to load and unload with little effort.

Or, if you need to be able to keep your excess luggage clean and dry, try a roof pod or box. They are designed to be perfectly suited to the curves of your Citroen, and are easy to install. They have a tight seal to protect your goods from the elements, and are also safe and secure, thanks to a central locking system.

We also offer snow chains. Snow chains are a must-have if you are heading to the ski fields, and one of the most popular and easy to install for Citroen drivers are the No Problem Magic Series chains. We also stock a range of solutions for transporting your skis and snowboards. If you’re heading somewhere much warmer than the snow, then we have many accessories that can hold all types of gear.

No doubt you want to keep your Citroen in good condition, and one of the best ways to do this is to fit it with accessories that protect your car’s interior. Keeping the look and feel of your Citroen is easy at All Vehicle Accessories. We have heavy-duty canvas seat covers, or standard cloth covers, to prevent any damage or stains on your seats.

We have a number of accessories that can take the hassle out of long trips. Call us on 1300 133 353 to ask how we can help you.

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