Packing your car can be a challenge, but not if you have roof racks. Whether you’re going on a holiday, picking up a large package, or heading out to a bike track, having roof racks on your Audi can make packing a breeze. Roof racks are perfect for excess luggage, or if you need to transport equipment that won’t fit inside your Audi. Also, bike racks can be mounted on your roof racks or on the rear of the car, and they can hold up to four bikes.

Roof pods and roof boxes are also great space-saving accessories for your Audi. You’ll never have to leave anything behind when you go on your next adventure, because your roof boxes can hold plenty of extra luggage. The aerodynamic design of the roof boxes means you won’t notice any difference to the way your Audi handles. We have several shapes and sizes for you to choose from, and they all are curved to fit your roof perfectly. All our roof boxes have central locking systems to keep your luggage safe, and have a tight seal to protect your belongings from dust or moisture.

We’ve also got you covered if you want to protect your pride and joy when it’s not in use. Our waterproof car covers are easy to use, fit snugly and most importantly, protect the paintwork of your beautiful Audi. But it’s not just the exterior of your car that needs protecting, so that’s why we have heavy-duty canvas seat covers and standard cloth covers, to keep your seats looking like new.

These are just some of the accessories we sell at All Vehicles Accessories. To enquire about any of our products, call us on 1300 133 353.

4WDS and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

When you own a car like an Audi SUV, there are many accessories you can buy to make your driving experience more enjoyable. Here is a quick look at some of the more common accessories Audi SUV owners may look for. For more information, give us a call on 1300 133 353.

Roof racks are very popular with Audi SUV clients, as they allow you to carry excess luggage, sporting equipment and other bulky items that just don’t fit into the car. If you’re interested in adding roof racks to your Audi SUV, talk to All Vehicle Accessories about our steel and alloy roof rack options, which are available in square and oval.Bike racks can be mounted to the roof racks, or to the rear of the car, and carry up to four bikes at a time.

Another great way to free up space inside your Audi SUV is to add roof pods or roof boxes. All Vehicle Accessories has roof-hugging and streamlined roof boxes that can be curved to fit any roof. Our designs have tight seals to keep your items safe from water and dust. They also have a central locking system to ensure your contents are safe.

Many Audi SUV owners also look for 4WD bullbars that are winch compatible, particularly for low mount electric winches. Our bull bars have mounts that can accommodate UHF aerials and driving lights. All Vehicle Accessories can provide both powder-coated steel and polished alloy with three powder-coated finishes. If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to an alloy or steel bull bar, then the smart bar is a great option.

When it comes to protecting your Audi from scrapes and scratches when parking, Nudge Bars and Uni Bars are ideal. They will give your car protection when others are parking around you, and are particularly great if you need to mount extra lighting for driving at night.

All Vehicle Accessories has a large selection of tow bars to choose from. We have standard flat tongue type tow bars for lighter towing, and a selection of heavy-duty hitch style tow bars for heavier loads.

If you do use your vehicle for towing, talk to All Vehicle Accessories about installing a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution system. If the ball weight, or the weight on the tow bar, exceeds the maximum limit, you can run into problems like trailer swaying, loss of traction, and less responsive steering and braking. The Hayman Reese Weight Distribution system is designed to fix these issues by distributing the weight of the load evenly through the chassis to the wheels, while the ball weight remains the same.

All Vehicle Accessories also has a large range of brake controllers available if your caravan, boat or trailer is equipped with electric brakes. And why not give us a call if you have a fridge or freezer in your caravan, and we can help you ensure they are powered efficiently.

For those who want extra assistance getting in and out of their cars, then side steps are a great option. They can also protect the lower body of the vehicle against bitumen, mud and stone chips, as well as general grit from the road surface.

All Vehicle Accessories also has a full range of retro child seating options available for those who have more kids than seats, and cargo barriers for those keen to ensure their equipment is safely stowed away.

For more information on Audi SUV accessories, give us a call today on 1300 133 353.

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