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We stock a full range of ute sports bars and racks. Our products feature strong 3.8mm thick jacketing, so you can be assured of the strength and durability of what you are purchasing. See below for some of our racks and bars. For more information about the product you are looking for, call us on 1300 133 353 or send an email to All Vehicle Accessories.



Sportsbars, Trade Racks: We Have It Under Control

Bar and Rack Configurations

Sportsbars for the fanatic, no matter what make or model! And we install them.
A tonneau cover can be cut around the bar with a minimum of fuss! This means you will not lose any of the security you need, by adding your preferred bar configuration.
The FOUR INCH diameter polished alloy Sports Bar is as big as they get! It can be applied to almost any model ute! Including yours.
Ladder Racks for the tradesman can be made in a variety of styles to suit all Aussie, Japanese and American Utes. Ladder Racks are designed for each ute – including Tray Body Utes.
Trade Racks provide the widest possible width (up to 1350mm) for carrying wide sheets of material.

2 thoughts on “Bars and Racks

  • johnny

    Hi mate, do you have roll bars/sports bars for a hq ute

    • admin

      Hi Johnny,

      We don’t have anything like that to suit a HQ. You might have to get one custom made.


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