Ute Trays, Tray Mats and Accessories

Ute trays are a vital part of your business. You need them to be durable, sturdy and robust and of course, to support your business needs. At AVA we only stock trays from the best suppliers around, leaving you with the piece of mind that your ute tray will do what you need it to, for the long haul.

Installations And Accessories To Suit Your Needs

Your business is most likely, not 100% the same as any other business around. So you probably have some requirements and needs that are unique to you. It is for this reason that we do stock a wide range of ute trays and all the accessories, to ensure we can set your ute up to really do what you need it to.

So come to one of our factory show rooms to see our range. If you like what we have, we can install what you need immediately.

Ute Trays

Ford Falcon Ute Tray

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