Protect Your Vehicle With A Nudge Bar

Something many people forget is many times you are not even in your car when it gets damaged. Other people can damage the front of your car when parking or reversing theirs, either through lack of concentration or poor judgement. And lets face it, the person who leaves contact details after damaging your car is all too rare these days. This is why nudge bars are really handy, offering you frontal protection from other peoples poor driving.


4wd ECB Bullbar

Different Nudge Bars For Different Vehicles

63MM Series 2 Nudge Bar

The stylish 63mm series 2 nudge bar provides great sports styling together with the height advantage, offering grille protection. Formed from high tensile Alloy tubing, this 63mm series 2 nudge bar is styled to please. Spotlight mounting provisions are standard inclusions together with a choice of finishes.


4wd ECB Bullbar

76MM Nudge Bar

The sporty 76mm nudge bar is not only an ideal mounting point for auxiliary lighting, it also provides bumper protection for those around town bumps that are often caused by other motorists. Give us a call on 1300 133 353to discuss suitable options for your vehicle.


4wd ECB Bullbar

2 thoughts on “Nudge Bars

  • Brannon

    I have a 1990 Honda Civic DX Sedan. Looking for a “bull bar” or “nudge bar” to put on it. What do you have that would be compatible for fit?

    • admin


      Unfortunately we don’t have any type of front protection for the 1990 Honda Civic. It may be worth trying wreckers, but it’s very likely there has never been anything available for this particular vehicle.


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