Dickie Seats For Your Children

Life changes, we grow together and sometimes we are blessed with amazing new situations like children. And for all the joy they bring, they can make family car travel quite a challenge. Most cars and 4WDs are set up to seat no more than 3 children, which means for families of 5, there are no guests allowed. For families of more than 5, you have a choice. Expensively, you can upgrade your car. The less expensive, clever option is to install additional seats, using the space you have.

Child Seats For Wagons and Other Vehicles

We understand that safety is always a priority with your children. That is why we make it our priority too, ensuring all our seat installations are accredited and approved by a Vic Roads recommended engineer. Our 5 year warranty on all seats is further testament to our emphasis on quality and safety.

Child Seat Flexibility – Ready For Children and Stored Away

But what type of vehicle do you drive? And how many additional seats do you need. Just let us know. We have the products and expertise to fit your vehicle with the additional seating you require, no matter if its a car, 4WD, van or ute. Below are examples of the products we install.

Examples of Child Seat Configurations
2 Single Seats Installed in a Ford

  • Forward facing
  • Folds to side
  • Match trim and style
  • Inbuilt seatbelts
  • Headrest included
2 4WD Seats in a Jeep Cherokee

  • Forward facing
  • Folds forward
  • Contoured seat foams
  • Easy access from side and rear of car
A 3 Seat Setup in a Magna

  • Forward facing
  • Folds forward
  • Inbuilt child anchor
  • Simple removal from car if required
  • Safety intrusion panel
Ute Cab Child Seats Safe Install in a Rodeo Space Cab

  • Forward facing
  • Folds up for stowage
  • Supplied in velour to closely match original
  • Inbuilt child anchor in middle seat

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