Cargo Barriers: Protect Your Passengers

For cargo barriers, we recommend and stock Milford. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel tubing, wire mesh, and attachment straps. The barrier consists of a square-tube perimeter frame with reinforcing cross bars covered by a thick wire mesh screen that is welded together. The steel straps secure the barrier to the mounts. These features make them as safe and secure as you can get.

Secure Your Luggage With Milford Cargo Barriers

Placement of the barrier:

In most vehicles the Milford cargo barrier can be placed in dual positions, behind the last row of seats, or behind the second last row with the last row removed or folded. If the vehicle has an electric sunroof, then the barrier can usually be fitted in the rear position only. Talk to us about the placement you need, we’d love to help.

Protect Passengers From Pets and Luggage

Each cargo barrier is specifically designed for a particular vehicle, unlike some generic small, medium and large pet barriers that are designed to fit many different vehicles.

At All vehicle Accessories, we pride ourselves by only supplying you with the best accessories available. The reason is simple, when dealing with automobiles, safety should always be your first priority. This is why we stock Milford. Some more benefits of these cargo barriers include:

  • Rugged welded steel construction
  • Tested and rated design
  • Energy absorbing mounting
  • Dual position fitment (most models)
  • Child seat safety tether pass-through
  • Durable painted finish
  • Removes/installs quickly with out tools (after initial installation)

So call our technicians to discuss the requirements of your vehicle.


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