Bicycle Racks and Bike Beaks

Bicycles are a bit tricky to carry in a car. We’ve probably all tried to jam a bike in the back seat or boot at some stage or other, fitting it in by taking the front wheel off. Its a work around at best, but why bother with a work around when we have such great bike rack solutions for your vehicle.

There is a plethora of vehicle accessories designed specifically to carry bicycles. These accessories typically make it extremely simple to carry your bike on either your roof racks or vehicle rear . At AVA, we stock them all. So give us a call on 1300 133 353 to discuss the appropriate bike rack for your bikes and vehicle.

Bicycle Storage, Rooftop Or Towbar Mounted

Rooftop Bike Racks

There are two basic variations of roofrack bicycle carrier, the ones which secure both wheels onto them and the ones which secure the front fork of your bike instead. (ie. These are specifically designed for bikes with a quick release front wheel). Depending on your car, you may also need an Extension, so talk to us about your current gear (bikes and vehicle) and we’ll ensure you get the right equipment.

Bike Carrier Options

Towbar Mounted Bike Racks
There are a number of variations of bicycle carrier which can be addapted to the rear of your vehicle. For example, some mount on a towbar, others on a hitch and some mount on a rear mounted spare wheel. Other options you can consider include the number of bikes you need to carry, accessories to meet safety and legal requirements (Ie. number plate holders and brake lights) and whether you want a clip-on or strap on models. We do it all so let us know what you need, and we’ll sort you out.


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