4WD Snorkels

When you go four wheel driving, as soon as you go offroad, dust becomes a problem for your engine, especially if you are driving in convoy. As soon as you enter any body of water, the water can become a problem for your engine. Having a quality snorkel fitted to your vehicle will ensure that clean, dry air is always available, regardless of conditions.

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ARB Safari Snorkels

At AVA, just as is the case with all our products, we only supply the best available snorkels for your vehicle. Getting strandard in the outback is just too big a risk to take, to trust your 4WD to inferior products. This is why we recommend Safari snorkels. Not only are they perfect for convoy driving where severe dust can really take a toll on your engine’s performance, but they also reduce the likelihood of engine damage when you are doing water crossings.

They work by relocating your engine’s air intake point from a very low position which is completely vulnerable to dust and water, (Ie. under the bonnet) to a much higher and location. This higher location is much safer as a constant source of cool, clean air is typically available.

Other features of the ARB Safari Snorkels that we like include:

  • They are i individually designed to suit different 4X4 models
  • Their UV stable cross linked polyethylene body construction gives all the strength you need, in any conditions.
  • The high flow air ducting and body ensures your engine will always get a quantity of air supply, which exceeds its requirements
  • Maximum dust and water sealing will ensure it will do the job it is designed for
  • The stainless steel and plated hardware are corrosion resistant
  • It has a unique evacuation system which is specifically designed to disperse rain and other unwanted moisture
  • They are completely Australian designed and manufactured
4WD Snorkels

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