If you are on offroad enthusiast, you’ll understand that sometimes things go wrong. And when they do, you need the right equipment to get you back on track and safely home. Below is a list of some the recovery equipment you’ll find helpful in getting you out of those tight spots.

Ensure You Have It, Hope You Never Need It

Four Wheel Drive Recovery Necessities
Snatch Straps – Do you need a snatch strap or a winch extension strap? These accessories are the perfect tools to pull you out of any “stuck” position. The snatch straps are tested to 8000kgs capacity and our winch extension straps, past 4500kgs capacity.
Hand Winches – Hand winches can be handy and are easy to use. You will be able to pull your vehicle out of that tight spot with this accessory, with the minimum of fuss. These emergency winches are very compact so you can carry and store it easily. They are the ideal recovery item for any 4wd trip.
Exhaust Jacks – With no parts or joints to seize or get clogged with mud or sand, the exhaust jack is the perfect lifting device for your vehicle in those offroad and outback situations. They come complete with a protection mat, gloves, repair kit, laminated instructions and a handy carry bag.
Tread Tracks – When you need maximum traction, these are the perfect accessory. They are made for use in sand or mud and they grip both your tyre and the surface. You will make it out. They come in 3 x 18cm pieces to give you 54cm of traction once the pieces are linked together.
Tree Trunk Protectors – You will need these when you are winching your vehicle out of a tough spot using a tree as an anchor. They wrap around the tree trunk so you don’t ring bark and destroy the tree. They are tested to Australian standards past 9000kgs. This makes them perfect for any situation you may find yourself in.
Snatch Blocks – are a great addition to you winching tools. With a cleverly constructed pulley bearing design, your unit will never jam. It will double the capacity of your winch over a straight line pull and has been tested to a safe working load of 3.2 tonnes. They will accept steel cables up to 10mm.
Tow Hooks – The perfect attachment for linking vehicles in situations where your vehicle needs to be pulled out of when you are stuck. They attach to the chassis as a towing or recovery point. The high strength steel is tested to a safe working load of 3.2 tonne.
Bow Shackles – Bow shackles are the ultimate accessory in 4WD recovery situations. They are useful in all types of applications where you need safe and secure attachment. Make sure you pick up a few before your next trip. You will always find a need for them, and finding yourself without one could be disastrous.

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